In the year 2005 the word “friend” became a verb, as in “attached to an object.” There was suddenly a difference between friend (as in someone you know well, love and favor) and Facebook friend (someone you connect with by clicking a button). In social media friendship you may not even know each other but you can know about each other. It’s a sort of selfish friendship because you can unfollow a friend when you lose interest, or unfriend them all together.
The kind of friend we have in Jesus is utterly different. He won’t unfriend us even if we unfollow him with carelessness and misplaced priorities. He listens with understanding to even our most difficult prayers and answers every one eventually.

Part of friendship with Jesus is feeling comfortable enough to ask for extras in prayer. He tells us to bring any and every thing we are anxious about to him in prayer and with thanksgiving to ask for it (Philippians 4:6)…and most extras fall under this category.

I have prayed for lost snakes to be found in my home and dogs we couldn’t handle to find a new home in someone else’s house! I have prayed for dates, and playing time, a hit, a grade, and the food to multiply to feed the army of hungry boys I didn’t plan to entertain. I have asked for encouragement for my husband and for God to multiply my time when I am overcommitted and behind. Sometimes the snake stays lost, the date says no, the food runs out, the job continues as is and I am late… but sometimes it turns out just like I prayed it would. Because none of this is life-changing or life-threatening I can ask with open hands and not demand or insist, accepting what God says knowing that when he withholds it’s because he has something better in mind. It’s similar to asking a favor of a close friend: if they can do it, they usually will and if they can’t, it’s not a big deal. It’s always safe to ask.

Jesus is the safest kind of friend there is and also the most generous. He never tires of listening to us and will answer “yes” when it’s for our best and “no” or “wait” if it’s not.

Are there things you thought were too trivial or small to ask for in prayer? Make a list and ask with open hands. He might surprise you.

Written by Elizabeth Murphy