Elizabeth Murphy is winsomely transparent, accidentally funny, and ridiculously creative as she speaks to audiences sharing messages of hope and encouragement.names_web

She is an enthusiastic encourager of women, a gifted storyteller, and an accomplished public speaker. Her willingness to be vulnerable is what makes her relatable to every audience, regardless of their age or season of life.

Elizabeth speaks to a variety of groups with a variety of messages.

Christian Speaker – She speaks across denominations at women’s events, retreats and conferences using biblically-based and creatively organized messages to encourage women in their personal faith journeys.  Her hope is to ignite their desire to be used by God in their own unique way.

Motivational Speaker– Elizabeth speaks to non-profit groups, hospital corporations and business groups at community, wellness and personal development events. Some topics she addresses include gratitude and resilience. Her messages of encouragement impact the workplace, the family and the individual.

Teaching Bible Study – Elizabeth teaches Bible studies, large and small, for churches and organizations both nationally and internationally.  She is a student of God’s Word and delights in making it come alive for her audiences.

For more information, reach out to Elizabeth through the Contact page.