Dear Friends and readers of Just Between Us Magazine,

Just in case you don’t know what Just Between Us is, it’s a magazine and ministry to encourage and equip women for a life of faith.  All women!  We reach close to 1 million women a year through the print magazine, our robust website and the excellent content we put on social media.  If you aren’t familiar please check it out at  I write a regular column for the magazine called, “It is Well…” In our world where so much seems to be about ways to improve this or that I wanted to write about something in the Christian life, that for today anyway, is going well.  In the most recent winter issue I wrote about it being well with my praise.  I gave an example of the way I practice praise by going through the alphabet as I walk my dog and finding something to praise about God for every letter.  I don’t let myself go home until I’ve used every letter.  I have kept the lists (when I remember to write them down as soon as I get home) and refer back to them from time to time. That’s why dating them is important.  In the article I promised to share a few of them here.  Keep checking back in the next few weeks and I’ll keep posting them.

Praise God and be blessed,  Elizabeth

Praise List – 7/10/18

Available – 24/7  We are never without your presence no matter how alone we might feel.

Bless – You want to bless us.  Living in a broken world

Comfort – You are the God of all comfort

Desire – You desire what is best for us even when it feels like what is worst

Everyone-Everywhere-Everything – You are the only one who knows this and therefore the only place to go when we do not understand.

Faithful – Even when we are not

Gird – You give me  the weapons I need to go where I need to go and love who I need to love.

Healer – You want all health for us, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social.

Intimate- You alone know my soft spots and what will hurt me and that of others too.  I need to ask you to show them to me so I don’t walk in to, or even stay in dangerous places Proverbs 22:3

Jesus – King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Savior of the World, Restorer of broken things, Friend of sinners, Humble Servant King

Kinsman Redeemer – I need to look this up and understand what it means.

Loving – You are the only one who loved perfectly.  Showed us and still do every day the difference between loving and pleasing.  Help me to both see and do this please Lord.

Mountain Mover – Our mustard seed faith combined with the power of a mighty God can move mountains.   Mountains named after people, mountains of work like writing a book.

Near – Always near, even when we choose not to be near to you, you walk near by

Overwhelm – You can overwhelm any conversation or situation.

Provider – You provide.  We think we provide for ourselves but you are the source of everything Lord.

Quiet –  Help us to know when to speak and when to be quiet and let you speak.  Help us to remember that you will.

Restorer of Broken Things – Relationships, hurt places.  Ps. 51 Restore to me the joy of my salvation

Spirit – The gift of the Holy Spirit.  You did not leave us alone.

Truth – The thing we need to fill the gap when shame comes flooding in

Undergirding – We are built on solid rock because of you.  Can stand because of you.

Victorious – Even if we have to fight the same battles over and over there are victories every day.

W– can’t remember

X– Give me x-ray eyes to see into the hearts of those I do not understand.  Please Lord give me a glimpse of what makes them behave the way they do and the compassion to deal well with what I see.

Yahweh – The God of the past, present and future

Zero – You zero in and give attention to our prayers.

Written by Elizabeth Murphy