I had to chuckle when the gentleman praying in church on Sunday asked God to bless those across the sea and those we wish were across the sea.  A gentle reminder that sometimes we are just hard on each other!  Sadly, my list of those I wish were across the sea is longer than the list of those who actually are these days, but I want and need to pray for both.  To do that I have returned to the prayer of Jesus from Matthew 6:9-13, The Lord’s Prayer. It is the prayer that I said as a child because I had to. Now, it’s my go to prayer for hard people. My desire is not to explain it or dissect it – just to tell you what goes on in my head when I pray it in hopes it will be helpful for you.

Our Father –I begin with looking up to the one who loves us all.

Who art in Heaven – Reminds me of His perspective which is so very different than mine.

Hallowed be thy Name – This taps into the bigness/power of God because His names are a revelation of all that He is.

Thy Kingdom Come – There is a kingdom and we can see it in the Eden of Genesis. There is a beginning to the story and someday He will take us back to the beginning. Sometimes I add, “please hurry!”

Thy Will be Done – He has a will, a plan, a big picture; When I have no idea what to pray, I ask, “Thy Will be done. “

On Earth as it is in Heaven – I don’t have to wait for heaven for help, guidance, deliverance – whatever I am asking for, it’s here now.

Give us this day our daily bread – Help me stay present and avoid the “what ifs”; Just this day, no more no less. It works on my desire to control.

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us – We are all alike.  I need to look at others and realize, “I am like them and they are like me.”  Sin is a heart problem from which no one is exempt.

Lead us not into temptation – Reality check! Temptation is everywhere but what I am asking of God is to let me see it for what it is and then help me to choose not to enter in to it.

But deliver us from evil –  Reality check #2! There is an evil one who wants to deceive me.  Don’t let me get comfortable or complacent.  Bring to mind the truth I know to be true in your word.

For yours are the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever – You actually do forgive our sins and provide us with the power to forgive others and lead us away from Satan’s traps.  You,  Father are rich and generous beyond measure and I can put my complete confidence in you.

Amen – which means again and again.  Somedays I go right back to the beginning and say it again.


Written by Elizabeth Murphy