Flying By with a Top Ten List from Speak Up 2017

“This was the BEST conference ever!” as proclaimed by Carol Kent (every year running) but this year, I think she was right!

Here are my top ten reasons why:

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Hard People Prayers

I had to chuckle when the gentleman praying in church on Sunday asked God to bless those across the sea and those we wish were across the sea.  A gentle reminder that sometimes we…

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Gratitude, Grief, and Grace

This Thanksgiving we sat around the table with the same family friends who have welcomed us for 22 years. As always we went person to person answering, “What are you thankful for?” When…

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Spray Paint and Soul Transformation

Taking an alphabet break to share some other thoughts – it will be back!

I get ridiculously excited in the spray paint aisle at Home Depot because I love a good rummage sale, especially the…

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What a Friend We Have in Jesus

In the year 2005 the word “friend” became a verb, as in “attached to an object.” There was suddenly a difference between friend (as in someone you know well, love and favor) and Facebook…

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Equal in His Eyes

As a mom of four, sometimes I enjoy one child more than another. I know they feel the same about me. Age, stage, hormones and hang ups can affect all of us to the…

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What’s Behind That Door?

My sister in law has just built a beautiful home in the hills overlooking Comfort, Texas. As both a designer and an artist she has a very unique eye for beauty and detail, often…

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Alphabet Faith

“God often teaches the unknown through the known.” – Beth Moore

What does it look like to live a life of faith? Are there simple answers to hard questions? I am…

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Hissy Fits (Cooperate with God!)

When my two oldest boys were small we lived in Raleigh, North Carolina, the land of moderate temperatures and outdoor McDonald’s playgrounds. As we drove past my oldest would plead to go to “the…

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Bless Your Heart

I heard a speaker once define blessing as “wanting the very best for someone and being willing to do whatever it takes to make that best happen.” As a Southern girl I say “bless…

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