A Praise List during Coronavirus 2020

I use this alphabet method for praising God as I walk my dog.  It gives me a place to start and keeps me focused until the end.  I  wrote this last Sunday 4/19/2020 when things were moving to the next level of confusing – open our city – don’t open our city -stay home – go out – wear a mask – don’t wear one!  It was overwhelming until I turned to the only one who knows everything and can control anything.  I have verses attached to each letter in my personal list but didn’t add them here in hopes the words would lead you to verses that would be of particular comfort to you.

Join me in praise –

I praise you for being a God who:

A – Is so very Aware of our every thought, need, and feeling.  You know how we are affected by the uncertainty of these times.

“O Lord, you have searched me and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O Lord. You hem me in – behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me.” Psalm 139:1-5

B – Worthy of Boasting about You and you alone are worthy of our boast.

C – Cherishes us.

D – Is Devoted to us in the same way you ask us to be devoted to one another.

E – Is Everlasting.

F– Is Fair when all seems so unfair

G– Is Generous, sending Jesus cost you and you generously gave him for us.

H– Is Here for the alone and the sick and the suffering.

I – Loves us personally and Intimately.  This intimate relationship is what you both desire and offer.

J-Only in this personal and intimate relationship will we find joy.

K- Is Kind Do those who proclaim and challenge others to kindness know that you are kind or do they only see you as mean and judgmental?

LLoves us with a love that goes beyond a feeling.  You Love us when we are undeserving with a love that sees everything there is not to love in us and loves us anyway. You love us with a compassionate love that’s source is a desire to be restored to us not condemn or pity us.  It is an honest love that tells us the truth about who we are.

M– Is Mighty.   Show your might in the way of your choosing to a world that somehow sees you as weak

N- Is Noble

O– Is the One True God. Please remind us of this as we so easily give your place to other things.

P– Is prepared.  Nothing surprises you.

Q– Is found in the Quiet.  When this particular season of quiet is over help us to remember what we have discovered here.  When doing and serving are where we feel closest to you remind us that in the absence of activity and contact you both speak to us and shape us in the quiet.

R– Can read us.  When we are overwhelmed and filled with thoughts and feelings but don’t have words to speak them out in prayer you can read us and know what we need.

S– You are solid when the whole world and the institutions that run it seem shaky.   Jobs are lost, sickness is here, death is both anticipated and unexpected you are unmovable.

T- Is Truth.  Every word from you and about you is true.  In our world without the belief in absolute truth the thought that you are a God who would love us enough to die for us is true and therefore scary.  To be seen and known and understood is scary.  So much about your truth is frightening to those who don’t know you.  Please Lord help those of us who do to cling to this truth and to live it well for the watching world.

U– You are deeply personal but also the God of the Universe; bigger than we can know or imagine.  You are everywhere with everyone, so when we ask you in prayer to bless those we can’t touch we can be comforted knowing you can touch them and you will.

V- Is victorious.  In this current situation it could look as if a battle is being lost but it never is.

W– Is worthy of our worship.  May we not forget this and pursue ways to worship in community until we can be together in person again.  Please don’t let this isolated time be an excuse not to worship you and compel those who haven’t joined before to do so now.

X– You are an Excellent God.  There are no words to describe all that you are.

Z- You are a God who is zealous for your people whatever that looks like.  Even in these painful times use our struggles to reach us.  Remind us that what hurts us also hurts you but you will use it for our good and your glory.  Even when we run from you zealously pursue us Lord.

And NOW our God we give you thanks and praise your glorious name,




Written by Elizabeth Murphy